Archive Storage for Financial Services Companies

Financial Services Companies are legally obliged to preserve records for at least seven years. RHDS understands the need for quick and easy access to those records - a client may ask a question, or HMRC may make enquiries. To ensure urgent client requests to view documents are met, we guarantee a service level agreement of 30 minutes from receipt of request to delivery to your desktop.  Our intelligent tracking system also provides an auditable chain of custody.

We can help :

  • Independent Financial Advisors
  • Accountants
  • Tax Advisors
  • Insurance Brokers

We give you

GDPR Compliant: Document Destruction

Our dedicated warehouse ensures all data and documentation is stored securely to maintain the critical level of confidentiality that is essential to all financial services companies. Destroying obsolete documents may be the best way to protect confidentiality and cut costs by saving space.

RH Data Storage also provides a document destruction service in line with GDPR legislation.  This service is available for documents archived with us, and also for documents stored on your site. We provide secure confidential waste storage units which we collect when requested before destroying. You will then be provided with a certificate confirming the destruction.

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