Archive Storage for Medical Records

Personal medical records just keep growing with an expanding and ageing population.  RH Data Solutions can help you manage your records with a range of flexible services designed to ensure healthcare providers have an adequate, well managed archived storage system. Our secure offsite storage service keeps your records safe and confidential, in line with GDPR legislation, all at a competitive cost.

GDPR Compliant: Document Destruction

RHDS recognise that confidentiality is key for all healthcare organisations. Our dedicated warehouse ensures all data and documentation is stored securely to maintain the critical level of confidentiality. Even old and obsolete documents may contain personal information so securely destroying such data is the best way to protect confidentiality and cut costs by saving space.

RH Data Storage provides a document destruction service in line with GDPR legislation.  This service is available not only for documents archived with us, but also for documents stored on your site. We provide secure confidential waste storage units which we collect upon request before destroying. You will then be provided with a certificate confirming the destruction.

We Offer

  • Store

    More cost effective than storing archives within your office space.

  • Retrieve & Deliver

    We can return your records to your offices, or they can be accessed in our on-site private viewing suite.

  • Index

    Our state of the art indexing and records management system means archives can be retrieved quickly and easily.

  • Scan on demand

    Our SLA for urgent “Scan on Demand” documents is 30 minutes.

  • Data Destruction

    On-site data can be destroyed on demand, or we can provide secure confidential waste storage units to you that we collect upon request before destroying and providing a certificate of destruction.

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