Document Archive Storage for Insolvency Practitioners

Insolvency Practitioners (IP) account for the largest sector within our core business clients and we offer a range of time saving, bespoke services to our IP clients to help manage and reduce their workload.

Our experience in this sector has enabled us to streamline the process including undertaking the entire removal, transportation, barcoding database entry of records, and storage. We can also provide an unlimited paperwork scanning service to enable precision key word searches across multiple documents.

We Offer

  • Removal of Books and Records

    Our team will take flat pack boxes to site and collect material as instructed by the client. Boxes are then taken to store for cataloguing.

  • Cataloguing Box Content

    Box content is immediately catalogued with bank and financial records separated. Excel spreadsheets with data filters set for finding all boxes containing specified content are provided.

  • Viewing Room

    A dedicated on-site viewing suite is available to clients reviewing large quantities of information.  Boxes are provided on pallets leaving the client to focus on the investigation.

  • Server Access

    A state of the art computer system in the viewing room enables access to data from a case company’s server in parallel with viewing the paper records.

  • Scanning

    Unlimited scanning of documents enabling multiple document searches for specific word sequences, allowing precision searches and precise identification of required documentation.

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