Secure Destruction of documents, files and records

RHDS can collect documents for destruction and transport in sealed containers to their own premises.
A Certificate of Destruction will be sent to you to confirm that the service has been completed.

Protect your identity protect your data

Over recent years the public has become aware of the need to protect one’s identity by protecting one’s data. Organisations now understand they cannot put their identity or their clients identities at risk by allowing private and personal data to become public. All documents that may contain private and personal data must be securely destroyed. Simply throwing them out – or recycling them – is no longer an option : shredding is a must.

We make it quick, easy and cost-effective for organisations of all sizes to use secure document destruction

  • deliver sealed containers for the documents to your premises
  • collect from your premises regularly, or on demand
  • securely and completely destroy all the documents
  • certify to you that the destruction is complete

Retention Schedules

We work with you to define a records retention schedule, so that we both meet your legal and business requirements for retention, and minimise your storage costs. As soon as a box is no longer required we securely destroy it, and give you a certificate confirming the shredding and destruction.


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