Cost effective archive storage of business critical documents

Our professional archive storage management staff are able to assist you with planning the storage, archiving and management of your records at our UK box and document storage centre. Critical documents, such as accounting records, statutory company records, client files, legal documents and files and healthcare records, is a modern necessity but it need not be a modern headache.

How does it work?

A comprehensive catalogue is maintained for your files storage, registering all activity (views) of stored documents and boxes and if required planning for the eventual destruction of documents when they are definitely no longer required.

Archive storage of your documents off site – does not mean that they are inaccessible – in fact due to our specialist recording and coding processes accessing the right document at the moment you need it is both possible and care free.

At the end of the useful life of your document, destruction can be arranged on or off site.
Certificates of destruction are always issued to assist with your own record keeping and legal compliance.

There are many differing but sensible reasons that companies use our archiving facilities:

  • Secure space at far less cost than sq foot business rental
  • Specialist librarian style archiving and state of the art bar coded tracking
  • Risk management and disaster planning strategies to safeguard their enterprise
  • Quiet, private and comfortable facilities to work with and review large quantities of documents

Storage Services

We provide a full service professionally managed archive storage service, covering the following areas :


We arrange the transfer of your records to our site at a time to suit you. All transfers use unmarked vans, for security. We collect primarily in the Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate and The City of London areas.

A free collection service is offered for organisations transferring in a significant amount of archive material.


Our Scan on Demand services means that accessing documents stored with us can be quicker and easier than accessing documents stored in your own office. Just let us know which document you need and we will deliver it to your screen in less than 30 minutes.


Indexing your documents using state of the art software All your archive boxes are bar-coded and indexed. We use a bespoke software package written to our own specifications, so that we always know the exact location of every box, and so that accessing boxes is fast and efficient.  


We securely and completely destroy documents, to save costs and protect confidentiality. We certify the destruction of each box. We can provide secure containers and collect the documents from your premises. This facility is open to clients who do not use our full archive storage services  


Our dedicated storage warehouses protect your documents from fire, theft and environmental damage. RHDS archive storage boxes are constructed using pH-neutral cardboard, with double thickness ends and double thickness base and sides for added strength.    


We work with you to define a records retention schedule, so that we both meet your legal and business requirements for retention, and minimise your storage costs. As soon as a box is no longer required we securely destroy it, and give you a certificate confirming the destruction.      


On our site We have a private, quiet and comfortable office suite available for your staff to work in as they review your documents. Retrieving the archives is almost immediate. The date and time of every viewing is digitally recorded on the document's individual tracking record. To your site Documents can be delivered back to your own site the next working day by our delivery vans. If it's urgent we will arrange delivery by a courier service, Document Exchange, Special Delivery Postage or e-mail.    

RHDS services enable you to


SAVE space : reclaim your office space for your business

SAVE money : stop wasting expensive office space on documents

SAVE time : all your documents can be located quickly

SAVE worry : be sure all your documents are secure

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